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You’ve reached the pricing and payment page for Perth’s Short Term Holiday Rental.

If you are looking for The Cubbiehouse you are still in the right place and any previous bookings are still valid, we have just changed our managing style.

Please email for any queries.


Please only use this payment option if you have been directed here.


You would have been asked to pay either your deposit, balance and bond, or a combination of the three. You would have received instructions on the amount you need to pay through Paypal.


Instructions for use:

If paying for an amount that is not shown please use the quantity and continue shopping buttons to add the amounts together to get the final total. For example if you were required to pay $110 then you would start by choosing the $100 and push the “Add to Cart” button. Once you had done that you would choose to continue shopping and then choose the $5 amount and add it to cart. In the next screen you would then change the quantity of $5 to 2.

This would give a total of $110.



All due fees need to be paid 14 days prior to your booked dates unless otherwise discussed.